Entry Level Student Violin Ensemble/Violin Basics Ultimate Beginner Series

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Home Music Tools is proud to bring you the Entry Level Student Violin Ensemble/Violin Basics Ultimate Beginners Series!


With this instrument starter pack, you get the Entry Level Student Violin Ensemble, which offers beginners and students a high quality, yet affordable instrument. Constructed from hand carved Spruce with aged maple back and sides, the violin produces a surprisingly resonant and lovely tone. Ebonized pegs and fingerboard provide worry-free playability. The violin is varnished by hand to ensure a beautiful instrument where the sound can freely resonate, unobstructed by a heavy finish. This extra care extends to the French maple bridge as well. Includes lightweight, protective case with shoulder straps, Brazilwood bow, violin strings and rosin!

Also included is the Violin Basics Ultimate Beginners Series! This series has helped thousands of aspiring musicians begin experiencing the fun of playing music in the simplest, most direct manner possible. This book and DVD set is perfect for beginning students, those changing from another instrument, or as a refresher course for players returning to the violin after many years. You will learn all the basics of holding the instrument and bow, using your hands to finger notes, tuning your instrument, and reading music. The step-by-step explanations, photographs, diagrams of every concept, and the correlating DVD, make this book a must-have for anyone learning to play violin. When you are finished with this book and DVD, you will have the solid fundamentals needed to successfully play the violin.

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If you were to purchase these items separately, you would spend almost $115! You can save 10% and get a great deal on an instrument and lessons!