Alfred's Teach Your Child to Play Ukulele, Book 2


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Alfred's Teach Your Child to Play Ukulele, Book 2 is designed for parents who want to share the gift of music with their children. It is based on Alfred's Kid's Ukulele Course, a fun method that teaches students to play pieces on the ukulele right away. Families who are part of the homeschool movement will find the book especially useful. Using the same music and fundamentals included in the original edition, an easy and user-friendly Parent Guide precedes each student page to aid with teaching the music to the child. The guide suggests steps for introducing the concept or page to the student, follow-up practice suggestions, and suggestions for reviewing the page in subsequent lessons.

The enclosed audio recording contains a demonstration of every piece in the book. Listening or playing along with the recording is fun, but more importantly, it reinforces musical concepts such as rhythm, dynamics, and phrasing. Using this book and audio recording, any parent can easily teach their child ukulele basics.

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