5 GarageBand Alternatives For PC Users

5 GarageBand Alternatives For PC Users

Mac users are lucky to be able to use such a robust music production tool with GarageBand. But what if you’re a PC user? What can you use to create your tracks as amazing as you would if you used GarageBand? PC users actually have quite a few options when it comes to music creation tools and here are 5 of the best alternatives to GarageBand! 


  1. LMMS

As an open-source audio edition tool, LMMS is a good option for PC users thanks to its vast selection of tools and features, including instruments, pre-loaded effects, and samples The free tool can be downloaded to your PC and using it is easy thanks to a simple interface that lets you manage all of its settings and instruments. It has a small learning curve, so you’ll be able to start making music the moment you download it! LMMS is great for doing a number of things like composes new jams, mix, sequence and automate songs. You can also use it to ensure melodies, chords, patterns and more so that they are fine tined and exactly how you’d like it to sound. Plus, you can drag your own audio files in the software to edit or enhance them. You can get LMMS here


  1. FL Studio

Some might know FL Studio from its previous name – FruitLoops – but it’s the same digital audio workstation that provides users with a comprehensive music tool like GarageBand. Users can compose, edit, record, arrange and master professional music quality. The system features all sorts of beats, tones, musical instruments and more that users can arrange and drag in audio timelines. You can also modulate and mix them however you’d like to create the exact tunes you’re looking to make.  The best thing is that FL Studio is free to try out and then once you’ve tested it and liked it, you can buy the package that best suits your needs, with prices that range from $99 to $899. Learn more about FL Studio here



Check out REAPER for free and then pay $60 if it meets your needs! The complete digital audio production software is great for PCs and Macs (as a GarageBand alternative), offering a ton of musical editing and creating features. You’ll get a full multi-track audio and MIDI recording capabilities as well mixing, processing, editing and mastering tools to create your musical masterpieces. Many commercial, broadcast, education, science, game development and other professional companies use REAPER for their own use, making it a great tool if you’re truly serious about your music. The software also supports a range of hardware – both plugins and digital formats – and can be scripted, extended and modified as you see fit. Access Reaper here


  1. Cubase

If you want a popular digital audio workstation that many use, then opt to get Cubase for your PC! The software offers pristine sound quality, unrivaled range of advanced tools and great handling that it’s touted as the complete DAW today, setting the benchmark for modern music production software. If you were looking for the best rival to GarageBand, then it would definitely be Cubase! Like the others, you can use a free trial and then figure out which paid version you want based on your specific music-making needs. Cubase can be downloaded here


  1. AudioTool

Besides Cubase, AudioTool is another popular music creation program that many use on PCs. The software allows you to create music, mix music, soundtracks and more! Since it’s an online tool, you don’t need to download anything. It’s completely free and has lots of advanced music creation tools that both amateur and professional music makers can use. Users either produce your own tracks, enhance music, add music, modify songs and more! The program also provides you with different audio samples and tracks to mix into your own pieces. You can access AudioTool here

If you are a Mac user and are interested in learning how to use GarageBand, click here! 

5 GarageBand Alternatives for PC Users
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